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Recreational - Ideal for day paddling, whether it be at the cottage or heading off to your favorite local lake for a picnic lunch. Clipper's Recreational Canoes are stable and are suitable for a variety of activities from fishing to photography to bird watching.

Sportsman - These canoes are built with a squared off stern to accommodate a small electric or gas motor up to the equivalent of 3 hp max. These canoes are designed to take a load. The best choice for those canoeists who prefer to 'troll' along the majority of the time.

Tripping - Designed to haul you and your gear for multi-day trips. Whether it be the Bowron Lake Circuit, the Broken Group, the Nahanni or your local lakes, these canoes provide you with the ability to get out and explore the great outdoors for days-on-end.

Family Canoes - Larger canoes to accommodate you and your family. Stable and roomy to allow for an enjoyable paddling adventure to be had by all; whether it be an overnight camping trip on your favorite lake, or an afternoon fishing.

Recreational Racing - Speed combined with moderate stability, these canoes are suited for advanced paddlers with aspirations of racing their canoes on the open waterways; whether it be adventure racing or sprinting across the local lake in record time.

Solo - Designed specifically for solo paddling. Canoes in this category range from river paddling to wilderness flat water paddling.

Whitewater - Hulls designed for paddling specifically in Class 2+ moving water.

Pro Racing - Lean mean and ready for competition. Tried and true designs that have the Clipper magic built into them. For info on canoe racing click here.

Specialty Boats - The Sea Clipse and the Sea-1 Canoe/Kayak hybrid gives paddlers the option to paddle in a canoe or kayak position, while the Q-Star is a compact, lightweight recreational kayak that is ideal for those with restrictions for transporting and storing a boat.

Discontinued Models - Discontinued Models

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